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Our work was exhibited as part of an exhibition exploring urban space in Manchester entitled Division of Labour:

Excerpt from"Division of Labour" exhibition Rogue Artists’ Studios, Manchester by Polly Checkland Harding "The Mayfield Imaginarium’, a scaled, bird’s eye view model of the multi-million pound Mayfield Development Site surrounding Piccadilly Station, of which Crusader Mill is part. Designed by the architectural practice, architecture:unknown (who were invited to exhibit by Walker), this replica offers visitors the chance to rearrange wooden blocks representing the buildings in the area, reflecting architecture:unknown’s practice of inviting members of the public to influence city policy. It’s this piece that suggests an alternative way of reading the exhibition’s title, most obviously a reference to the economic concept whereby tasks are divided between individuals to encourage specialisation. ‘Division of Labour’ may also be a way of asking who will undertake the necessary work of challenging property development conventions when, as with Rogue Studios, they come to threaten artistic endeavour." Many Thanks to Rogue studios for having our model as part of the Exhibition.

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