"architecturally bespoke, self-built, eco-friendly spaces for live, work and play designed for affordability by you and architecture:unknown"

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For the urban shapers looking to get more from their home and garden with a beautiful, bespoke space that reflects you and your home.


As a team we will design your new garden/living room to meet your requirements whether you need a venue for entertaining friends, a craft space for pursuing a hobby, a haven to escape and relax in, a play room for your children or separate accommodation for a returning graduate or family member.

For the entrepreneurial who have stepped away from a traditional 9-5 and require low-cost support for a growing business.


All home businesses can be accommodated with the flexibility to suit an artist, accountant, acupuncturist or anything in between.


Pop up, sales ready micro-units for modern day market stalls now also available. Set yourself apart, embrace a pod with a unique, natural aesthetic designed for your business.

For the young in all of us. Add multi-scale adventure to your home! Bespoke garden play frames, designed by your children for your children.


Partnerships now available with educational establishments to bring your playground needs to life. A unique way to build student ownership and take pride in the life of your school.


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The parts are cut by CNC mill from 2440x1220mm plywood. The thickness of the wood can be varied to suit the structural loading of the design.

Frames are erected vertically and connected using horizontal joists.

Each part is finished prior to arrival on site, where whole frames are set out and assembled like a jigsaw with no need for any further machining.

Strengthening pieces are added as necessary in key structural locations such as the floor.

Wedge connections are the primary fixings, securing frames together with nothing but a mallet.

Internal and external sheathing boards complete the structure and provide bracing. All surfaces are now ready for insulation, waterproofing and final finishes and fittings such as windows or doors.

Manufacturing Process

Utilising our architectural background, our designs are always bespoke to you, to fit your space, your needs and your lifestyle.


Our aim is to help you design and build your imagination. You can afford to be creative and flexible as standard. We manage your project, providing a single contact for an end to end service but you are the decision maker. We never hold back on design, neither should you. Give us a challenge and let us surprise you.


By pioneering the use of the WikiHouse structural system, we take the complexity out of construction. By using high tech equipment to create plywood structures we maximise your benefit but not your costs.


The real-world simplicity of the construction system allows you and your family to be your own builders. We remove traditional contractor overheads and help you assemble your own designs with no more trouble than high quality flat-pack furniture!

Every element of your building is available for customisation. You chose the environmental solutions that protect our world without the high price tag of some green solutions.


We prioritise controlling the millimetre perfect tolerances of the WikiHouse timber frame to prevent waste, using high quality insulation, sustainably sourced local materials and simple  technology to complement your lifestyle. Ecologically efficient with low upfront and running costs.

"build your dream, become a maker"

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