About Us:


architecture:unknown is a dynamic, community-focused architectural practice founded by friends and recent Master's graduates of the Manchester School of Architecture, Daniel Kelso and Charlie Butterwick. Daniel also holds a degree in Architectural Technology and Charlie is currently working part-time while honing his skills at an established practice.


To us, it is important to get out of the ivory tower and down to street level. Guided by our love for the city, we treat talking to citizens as an architectural activity in itself. The power to change must not reside solely in the hands of  corporate clients, the city council or architects but also with everyone who inhabits this city.


We define place as empowered people in ecologically resilient space. Place is a product of the process that defines these two variables. Often, we feel space is designed as an economic agent by remote and biased interests who ignore the intricacies of the social jigsaw pieces who inhabit it. Consequently, the city is becoming part of a systematic hierarchy inimically resistant to the wider civic agency. Our aim is to help everyone shape their city as they see fit.






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