Who We Are:


We are a dynamic and progressive architecture practice specialising in spatial-communal action. Our aim is to improve the urban-social fabric of the city by defining place as holistic hybrid of people and space.


We want to work to help create uplifting places that hold the fulfilment and health of all human and environmental inhabitants as their highest ambition. We want to support cities where our social, economic and political spheres collaborate on projects to enrich our future.

What We Do:


A Platform for People

In contrast to rural life, cities have always been built on monetary and elitist foundations at the expense of ordinary citizens. We want create a platform for those left behind by city living, who need a chance and a helping hand.


Strategic Partners for Growth

Profit is healthy but so is kindness. We want to influence city policy to create a happier and more productive approach to building and urban planning, and help create a better Manchester.


Place, rather than make it

Place is always in eternal flux. We're dedicated to creating organisational processes and structures of longevity with people in their neighbourhoods, who are emotionally and financially invested in their spaces.


How We Work:


architecture:unknown practices on social enterprise principles seeking to work in a wide series of related fields.


Four methodologies define our approach:




We contend that real, complex people with an emotional stake in space are the best informed on the inner life of spaces that can help or hinder social life.


Through the engagement process we facilitate the generation of action plans and organisational structure creating lived change in the community, further encouraging participation and urban evolution.




We provide traditional architectural services and back-end design support for the physical shaping of spaces. Ranging from micro-installations in community space to personal home Improvement projects.


You can hire us for full building projects, quick planning applications, one off surveys or as event advisors, organisers or helpers.




We understand the co-dependent nature of bottom-up agency and top-down policy. Our long-term aspirations include collaborating with decision making and Institutional bodies to improve their responsiveness and services to meet needs of local endeavours.


Ultimately we believe this can be more profitable for all, both socially and economically.



We aim to give back to our communities, especially to those who are least able to access professional architectural services.


By donating 40% of our time in a variety of ways towards creating chances for others we want to encourage them to direct their agency towards engaging their neighbours and improve their spaces.

About Us:


architecture:unknown is a dynamic, community-focused architectural practice founded by friends and graduates of the Manchester School of Architecture, Daniel Kelso and Charlie Butterwick, who have recently been joined by Master's graduate, Shaun Jenkins. Daniel holds a degree in Architectural Technology, Charlie is currently working to register as a qualified architect and Shaun is working part-time to build on his experience in an established practice.


To us, it is important to get out of the ivory tower and down to street level. Guided by our love for the city, we treat talking to citizens as an architectural activity in itself. The power to change must not reside solely in the hands of  corporate clients, the city council or architects but also with everyone who inhabits this city.


We define place as empowered people in ecologically resilient space. Place is a product of the process that defines these two variables. Often, we feel space is designed as an economic agent by remote and biased interests who ignore the intricacies of the social jigsaw pieces who inhabit it. Consequently, the city is becoming part of a systematic hierarchy inimically resistant to the wider civic agency. Our aim is to help everyone shape their city as they see fit.





Now, Get Involved:


One of our favourite things to do is talk to our clients. We would love to chat if you have a Project, Scheme, Event or are just seeking to develop your own Personal or Community Agency



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